Points one to five were endowments of historical man.

He called it a scruple in 1915, it cannot be anything but the mother of all obstacles in 2023, and what eventually might decide out faith.

Lastly, that quote about western religion and philosophy, and the “definition” from Dummett, deserve no comment. That’s what what Whitehead did when he heard Wittgenstein.

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Thank you. Sri Aurobindo's term "Supermind" is a most complex even to his disciples. Master himself once replied when asked to explain it: "What’s the use?...How much would anybody understand? Besides the present business is to bring down and establish the Supermind, not to explain it. If it establishes itself, it will explain itself — if it does not, there is no use in explaining it.”

Therefore I greatly appreciate this cutting edge research which, among other things, explains supermind succinctly. With your permission, I hope to republish parts from this article in a periodical I dream of starting this year.... already posted it on my twitter handle Pact Auroville. Request for more such articles that provide perspectives on the exponential technologies in the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. That would be a great service.

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