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Thank you for this.

There is (you have to admit it), in this the final act of our age, an unlimited dose of ignorance, facing as it does, the most refined accumulation of individual sadism history has ever produced. Whenever the former speaks, takes the form of an advocate of the so called “Environmental Movement”, which now (2023) has been reduced to the pitiful state of what Ellul would have called “the technical administration of suicide”. A desperate attempt to “electrify the Titanic”, or some alternative remedy for it to float a bit longer. Sad to contemplate. As regards to the latter, the powerful savages of our age, what can be said of them? Asuras.

Going back to what really matters. It is the way. I am the way, he said, “Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me?” For those who haven’t yet, there is little or no hope. Sri Aurobindo knew it, effortlessly. We might not be there ourselves, but there is not a speck of dust of fooling anyone on any other path to salvation. We might as well, as Shankara did, walk into the mountains to never be seen again.

“Unless the thoughts and deeds of man one and all be located on such a field, the sorts of problems that beset humanity have no chance of ever really being solved.” (NK, Religion and Nothingness)

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