Powerful and inspiring text, with an emersonian echo. Thanks for sharing it.

I hesitate to comment any further, but if I may, his words make it clear why a uniquely practical approach to the questions of life and knowledge is insufficient (and potentially catastrophic). We come once again to the realization that the plane where modern man has placed himself, this balancing act between Nietzsche (the “I have no life save when the swords clash” of today’s new infamy) and Being (or between Nietzsche and non-Being) is a complete fallacy or, if you prefer, a transitory and fragile state, eventually leading to a more welcoming field across the water. It is not the end Dewey or Russell had in mind, with all their good will, back in 1929. There is no escape from that truism. “Unless the thoughts and deeds of man one and all be located on such a field, the sorts of problems that beset humanity have no chance of ever really being solved.”

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